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Nourish Health enter strives to provide a multitude of healing modalities to support you on your unique health journey. Our providers work in collaboration to customize your experience and create access to many different tools and approaches with a centralized scheduling and billing system. Please find more information below regarding each provider's appointment and fee schedule.

Dr. Becca Nicholson

New Wellness Visit

2-3 hours

(includes complimentary 

nutrition consult)



Follow-Up Visit

60-90 minutes

$250 - $375


Discovery Call

15 minutes



Spomenka Bizic, ND, SEP


Somatic Experiencing

Therapy Session

1 hour


Discovery Call

15 minutes


Jessica Gruber Photo.jpg

Dr. Jessica Gruber

New Wellness Visit

60-90 minutes


New Fertility Wellness Visit

(both partners)

60-90 minutes


Follow-Up Visit

45-60 minutes


Discovery Call

15 minutes


Amy Vanover_Headshot.JPG

Amy Vanover, MS


Nutrition & Wellness

Coaching Session

45-60 minutes


6-Session Package

2 sessions/month x 3 months


(1 free session)

Far Infrared Sauna

(Established Clients Only)

Single Sauna Session

30 minutes


10-Session Sauna Package



FREE Add-Ons

-- Bitter Herbs

-- Binders

-- Glutathione

-- Vagus Nerve Stimulation

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